I’m Will McCurty and I’m my brother’s Keeper. That’s kind of a body guard with a little, errand-boy-for-the-dead thrown in.

The first time Seth tried to kill me was, I’ve got say, the worst day of my life.  But he’s tried so many times since then that I’ve kind of gotten used to it. 

He’s not a psychopath. He’s a Bridge, a medium. He pulls souls across the veil between the living and the dead.  The trouble is that if a person’s freaked-out enough when they die to defy the laws of nature and stick around In Between, they’re not in a Christmas morning kind of mood when they use Seth to come  back across the veil. 

Homicidal  spirits are just one of the hazards of our new job.

Actually, hobby might be a better word to describe BridgeKeeping. Or maybe destiny. BridgeKeeping’s no paying gig. We keep hoping that some ghost’ll cross over dying (ha-ha) to tell me that he hid a million bucks under his mattress.

So far, we’re just not that lucky.

BridgeKeeper by L.S. Moore


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