I Dig Graves

I’m a cemetery addict.

I drag my kids through them when we’re on vacation. I make of point of seeking them out everywhere we stop: Rome, Prague, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Florida…on and on.

Since I was old enough to drive myself, I’ve given-in to the pull of a cemetery along the road. Lately, I bring my camera.

My blog will be a kind of guidebook. I’ll tell you about my old favorites and my new discoveries. I’ll tell you where they are and how to get to them unless I was wandering when I found them. In those cases, I’ll give you as much information as I can.

Now and then I’ll tell a story.

The beauty of graveyards is that no matter where you travel, you can always find one. Big cities, small towns, corn fields, swamps, desserts.

We live everywhere and we die everywhere.

On a hill near Jamesport, MO

2 responses to “I Dig Graves

  • umaanyar

    this is a good idea for a blog. i am about to post my “Mama Dies in Bali” essay. on my letters from Bali web log. death is a vital thing to write about… thanks for you piece on grandmother.

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