I’m a Midwesterner. My sons and I were born in the same hospital. We can still drive past the house that their great-grandfather built with his own two hands.

My job history’s…eclectic let’s say. It goes like this:  dish washer, bartender, Red Cross first aid instructor, cookie store manager, waiter, temp, dental assistant, telemarketer, theater house manager, department store clerk, fund-raising events planner, librarian’s assistant…. Oh, and a little acting.

I did commercials, summer stock, dinner theater, and I was an extra in the movie, The Godfather III in Rome, Italy. Yes, I can honestly say I’ve been directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

All those experiences led me to writing, (eh-hem), rather late in life.

Fortunately, writing’s not like becoming a ballet dancer or a gymnast. You can start exactly when the inspiration hits you. In fact, you really can’t start before that. 

It all began for me when I dipped my toe into the heady waters of online fan fiction. My drabble turned into a novel based on the CW network’s show, Supernatural. Hundreds of people all over the world read it! I had no idea how powerful having fans of my fiction could be!

I was hooked.

These days…

  • My debut YA novel, a ghostly thriller called BridgeKeeper published by The Big Fig, launches in October 2023.
  • I’m an SCBWI member and avid workshop and conference attendee.
  • I belong to the Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens.
  • I regularly have my manuscripts hammered and tweaked by the wise and talented writers of the Wednesday critique group.
  • Recently I retired from working at a public library where I happily shuffled books all day and taught writers’ workshops for adults and teens.
  • Now I’m writing full time(ish), retired life is BUSY!

Visit my blog, I Dig Graves – you’ll understand the title when you get there.

  • CONTACT ME HERE:  lsmooreya@yahoo.com

12 thoughts on “About

    • I love the old ones too, Ann, but I find new ones can hold just as much intrigue. The only markers I really don’t like are the mower-friendly brass plates stamped into the ground. Just not a lot of opportunity to reveal much there. Thanks for checking out my site!!


  1. I loved learning about your eclectic job history. You’ve certainly had much opportunity to gather characters and situations for your writing! No wondeer your fiction is so rich!



  2. I’ve got a tombstone for you. At the graveyard where my husband’s grandfather’s memorial is, there’s a tombstone for a local pastor. He died while preaching, but that’s not the interesting bit. The stone is rather large and details that on one side of the good pastor’s grave are his wife and children. On the other side are his mistress and his children with her. LOL

    Also, there was the tombstone I saw as a child in Oklahoma. All it said was, “Gotcha!” I still sometimes wonder if I really read that or if it was my imagination. I could never find it again afterwards. Great site!


  3. I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Blogger Idol Award. To see your nomination, go to my Awards Showcase and scroll down to the Blogger Idol.



    • Jean, thanks for the nomination! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to acknowledge your kindness. November was National Novel Writing Month and I got caught up pumping out my 2000 words a day. I’ll head over to your site right now. THANKS again!


    • Thanks for taking a look, Jonell. My “writing website” is kind of in limbo for the time being. Waiting for me to get a couple of manuscripts out into the world, one way or another. I’m enjoying your site too!


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