About me

I’m a Midwesterner. My sons and I were born in the same hospital. We can still drive past the house that their great-grandfather built with his own two hands.

My job history’s… eclectic let’s say. It goes like this:  dish washer, bartender, Red Cross first aid instructor, cookie store manager, waiter, temp, dental assistant, telemarketer, theater house manager, department store clerk, fund-raising events planner, librarian’s assistant…. Oh, and a little acting.

I did commercials, summer stock, dinner theater, and I was an extra in the movie, The Godfather III in Rome, Italy. Yes, I can honestly say I’ve been directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

All those experiences led me to writing, (eh-hem), rather late in life.

Fortunately, writing’s not like becoming a ballet dancer or a gymnast. You can start exactly when the inspiration hits you. In fact, you really can’t start before that. 

It all began for me when I dipped my toe into the heady waters of online fan fiction. My drabble turned into a novel based on the CW network’s show, Supernatural. Hundreds of people all over the world read it! I had no idea how powerful having fans of my fiction could be!

I was hooked.

These days…
  • My debut YA novel, a ghostly thriller called BridgeKeeper published by The Big Fig, launches in October 2023.
  • I’m an SCBWI member and avid workshop and conference attendee.
  • I belong to the Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens.
  • I regularly have my manuscripts hammered and tweaked by the wise and talented writers of the Wednesday critique group.
  • Recently I retired from working at a public library where I happily shuffled books all day and taught writers’ workshops for adults and teens.
  • Now I’m writing full time(ish), retired life is BUSY!
…and visit my blog,
I Dig Graves
you’ll understand the title when you get there!