I’m Will McCurty and I’m my brother’s Keeper. That means I’m part bodyguard, part errand boy for the dead.

Seth’s the Bridge. He pulls troubled souls with death-defying messages, across the veil to talk to me. 

A person who’s freaked out enough when they die to defy the laws of nature and stick around In Between, isn’t in a Christmas morning kind of mood when they use my brother to come  back.  

Wrestling homicidal  spirits is just one of the hazards of my job. Actually, hobby might be a better word to describe BridgeKeeping.

Or maybe destiny.

Whatever. It’s no paying gig. We keep hoping that some ghost’ll cross over dying (ha-ha) to tell me that he hid a million bucks under his mattress.

So far, we’re just not that lucky.

BridgeKeeper by L.S. Moore


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