“Move over, Winchester boys–the McCurty brothers are here! BridgeKeeper is an action-packed modern ghost story, chilling and loads of fun.”
–Elizabeth C. Bunce, Edgar Award-winning author

There’s danger, tons of tension, mystery, spooky moments, magic, ghosts, family issues, brotherly love, a touch of romance, and so much more. . .  I read this one in one sitting because I didn’t want to put it down!”
Tanya Drecker, Goodreads author

On a night when the veil between the living and the dead is as thin as a soap bubble, sixteen-year-old Will McCurty discovers a chilling family legacy.

Each generation’s firstborn becomes a medium, a Bridge between the living world and the In Between. It won’t affect Will, only his older brother, Seth, but every Bridge needs a Keeper. A Keeper’s job? Chat up the dead. Keep them from using Seth’s body to do anything crazy or dangerous. And then clean up their earthly messes so the spirits can pass on. There’s only one candidate for the job.

Will has a choice — walk away from his brother and their shared destiny, or leap into the secret, shadowy world of ghosts and lost souls. Becoming Seth’s Keeper means Will must harbor secrets, lie to friends, and break his mother’s heart. But it’s that or abandon his brother to the desperate dead.

Will takes the leap and makes a lifelong commitment, but it might not be such a burden after all. Life’s likely to be short for a BridgeKeeper.


Chapter 1

Seth caught my eye, concern obvious in his look. “It’ll pass like always. Don’t sweat it.”

“Ha-ha,” I said with a grimace. The cat thing had been part of my life long enough that I should have gotten used to it by now. But every time my chest hollowed out and weirdly alien emotions oozed into the empty space, it surprised me. The first time somebody shivered and said, Oooo, a cat just walked over my grave, I knew that was the closest I’d ever come to describing what it felt like to have somebody else’s feelings blow through my insides. Seth was right, the weirdness always passed.

Except today when it hadn’t. Out there somewhere, my smart-ass cat had paced back and forth over my grave all day.

Chapter 2

Pop. Pop. Pop! Streetlights all down the road plinked out. No tinkling glass, no blown transformer sparks, just instant blackness.

“Craaaap.” Waving my hand, I found Seth’s shoulder and pulled him around to face me. My breath caught. His drizzle-slicked face looked like he’d taken a bath in glow-in-the-dark paint. I wiped water out of my eyes. Sssseth. You’re glowing.”

He gave me a snort. “Uh-huh, sure.”

“I’m not kidding.” His weird light grew stronger. “You’re actually lit up like —”

“Shh! Did you hear that?” Seth jerked his shoulder out of my grip. He cocked his ear. “Somebody’s calling my name.”

Chapter 10

“What’s the rush?” I dodged leaves fluttering down from the maple trees like giant, Day-Glo snowflakes. At the trailhead, fresh mulch deadened the sound of our footsteps. The temperature dropped ten degrees in the semi-darkness in the woods. Shivering, I pulled my hoodie over my head, and ahead of me, Seth reached back to turn his collar up.

“Hold on.” I grabbed his elbow and pulled him around. “Here we go again.”

Seeing the look on my face, he spread his hands open. “Am I . . .?

“Yeah. Everywhere I can see skin.” That eerie, milky glow was back.

“I wish I could see it,” he said. “It’d be easier to believe.”

“Believe it.” A whisper of adrenalin started a buzz between my eyes. “Maybe we should turn back.”

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