I Dig Graves! Visit my tombstone tourist site.

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I’m a cemetery addict.

I drag my kids through them when we’re on vacation. I make of point of seeking them out everywhere we stop: Rome, Prague, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Portland, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Florida…on and on.

Since I was old enough to drive myself, I’ve given-in to the pull of a cemetery along the road. Lately, I bring my camera.

We live everywhere and we die everywhere.

2 thoughts on “I Dig Graves! Visit my tombstone tourist site.

  1. this is a good idea for a blog. i am about to post my “Mama Dies in Bali” essay. on my letters from Bali web log. death is a vital thing to write about… thanks for you piece on grandmother.


    • I agree. Death’s a healthy thing to think about. We’re all fascinated by it whether we admit it or not. I look forward reading your piece.


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